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Consulting and communication on EU chemicals policy and chemicals in consumer products
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Analysis and strategy Get a handle on REACH, food packaging, Compliance and Substitution
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Focus on professional quality and better protection of people and the environment

About ChemAgenda

ChemAgenda provides advice and information about the EU’s chemicals policy and EU legislation on chemicals in consumer products.

ChemAgenda was established in 2018 by Sidsel Dyekjær

I work with policy analysis, communication and dissemination, REACH compliance and substitution. Focus areas are REACH, food contact materials, circular economy, sustainable development and other issues related to chemicals and chemicals policy.

I place emphasis on helping to protect people and the environment from harmful chemical substances and on high professional quality of analyses and Communication.

I work with NGOs, authorities, knowledge and educational institutions, consultants, and industry organisations.



ChemAgenda’s consultancy and service is based on expert knowledge of REACH and EU legislation on chemicals in consumer products, combined with 20 years of experience in professional communication to citizens, companies and politicians.
I work closely with Chemsec as chemicals policy advisor
I work with ECOS as chemicals expert in standardisation and chemicals policies

ChemAgenda provides political and strategic analysis of specific topics within chemicals, environment and health as well as related topics such as circular economy, CSR and sustainability.

What does chemical legislation mean for your organisation?

How do you create an overview of what to know?

If you have questions about REACH, call or write for a quick and non-binding response.

I contribute to information campaigns, teaching, conferences and workshops taking on the role of moderator, presenter and/or coordinator.


I have contributed to substitution efforts in Danish companies. I analyse and compare the hazard profiles and legal provisions related to both the original substances and the proposed alternatives.

Essential work to ensure that good alternatives are chosen, and to avoid regrettable substitution.

Earlier projects

Reports and analysis

In 2021,  Chemagenda worked with Help2Comply conducted a Survey and analyses of consumer products with non-nickel coatings for the Danish EPA.

In August 2020, I submitted an updated report to the Federation of German Consumer Organisations, vzbv, on food contact materials and the possibilities for new legislation.

Survey of the current EU regulation on FCM and possibilities for improvement

In collaboration with COWI, I have for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency investigated the consequences of various legislative measures on the use of particularly problematic substances in the Nordic region.

Effect of some legal interventions under REACH and CLP. See coverage in ECHA’s newsletter, November 2019


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Reports and analyses on EU's chemicals policy and legislation. REACH and CLP

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Reports and analyses on EU's chemicals policy and legislation. REACH and CLP

Workshop and Courses

Previous events

  • Presentation about Hazards and Risks at Packagingmeeting’s webinar on FCM, 30-31 March 2021 
  • Introduction to REACH in a historical perspective at IDA’s webinar on Chemical Compliance, December 2020 (in Danish)
  • Expert guest at EcoOnline’s webinar on substitution, October 2020 (in Danish)
  • Presentation on EU legislation on food contact materials for CHEM Trust at webinar organized by Zero Waste Europe, For CHEM Trust, May 2020.
  • Program planning, facilitation and presentation at EU chemicals workshops with Chemistry and Life Science and the Cosmetics and Hygiene industry, February 2019, January 2020 and March 2021.
  • Presentation on harmful chemicals in plastic packaging, Center for Circular Chemistry Conference, December 2019 (In Danish)
  • Course on REACH for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, November 2018 and in October 2019.
  • Chair of the political session at seminar on harmful chemicals in plastic packaging for CHEM Trust and the HCPP project, September 2019.
  • Presentation on Chemistry in everyday life at EcoOnline’s Chemistry and Work Environment Day, August 2019.
  • Organiser of CHEM Trust’s workshop on food contact materials and REACH, April 2019.
  • Facilitation of sessions on food contact materials at the Chemicals Watch Global Business Summit, For CHEM Trust, March 2019.
  • Presentation on the use of risk assessments during REACH, PhD course on Applied Toxicology, University of Copenhagen, January 2019.
  • Presentation on behalf of CHEM Trust at Commission conference on Enforcement of EU Chemicals Law, Brussels, for CHEM Trust, November 2018.


I am an expert in EU chemicals legislation, REACH. I have 20 years of experience in political analysis and professional communication for companies, citizens, and politicians. I have a large network, both in DK and the EU, among environmental and consumer organisations, authorities, industry associations and professional institutions.

I have 12 years of experience as a senior advisor in the Danish Environmental Protection Agency Chemicals. I established the Danish REACH helpdesk in 2007, and have for 12 years coordinated the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s advice and information for Danish companies about REACH. Before that I was a chemical policy adviser in the Ecological Council (Now Green Transformation Denmark). I have also been an Adviser for the Environment at the Nordic Council of Ministers’ secretariat and consultant at VKI (Now DHI)

Sidsel Dyekjær
Senior Consutant
Biologist M.Sc.

Sidsel Dyekjær

Sidsel Dyekjær
Senior Consutant
Biologist M.Sc.